Dear Soulful Ambitious Sister {with BIG dreams}

What if in just a few months your business was so successful you could quit your day job or finally go ALL-IN {without doubt or fear} and finally experience the kind of unbridled freedom your heart oh-so-deeply craves?

Here’s the deal: You’re an insanely intelligent go-getter and it shows. You’ve scaled the corporate ladder and created quite a successful career {and you’ve got the cute little “Employee Achievement” awards perched on your desk to prove it}.

But {not-so-deep} inside, your heart has always yearned for more. It wanted more freedom! Flexibility! Meaning! Purpose!

So, you did what any smart, ambitious gal does: You created a side hustle… with the {glorious and noble} intention that one day this business would become your main squeeze.

Except now – as an entrepreneur and full-time corporate-lady – you’ve got even more on your plate and it’s draining you.


Because you don’t just have a budding business to build… You’ve also got an {adorable} family to support, a {gorgeous} home to keep and of course, you’ve still kiiinda got to make it to the office everyday to pay the bills.


And there simply hasn’t been enough time or energy to grow your business AND take care of yourself the way you’d like to.  


Let’s face it: Every entrepreneur, mom, corporate executive and full-time worker wishes there were {at least} 48 hours in the day. There are so many things you need and want to get done {and so little time} and often the thing that gets shoved aside is…you and what matters most.

Of course, you don’t WANT it to be that way, so you make endless promises to yourself. Like, next week/month/quarter, you’ll totally start prioritizing your biz, or actually grab that coffee with your BFF to catch up. And of course, you’ll totally start trekking it to the gym 3x a week, too.

But unfortunately, nothing ever REALLY changes.

And then the fears meander in: What if you NEVER get ahead? What if you NEVER feel safe and secure enough to chuck over a two week notice? And what if you NEVER actually get to become the master of your own time, income and well…life?

Scary stuff, right?

I get it. This is a gut-wrenchingly familiar story for me, because just a few short years ago, I was in the very same spot.

In case we’ve never met, my name is Gina, clarity & success coach. I know that for me, building a business while working a full-time job was sort of like preparing to run with the bulls or something equally terrifying. I had loads of fears to conquer, myriad mindsets to shift and tons of detailed plans to make in order to feel confident enough to gain the freedom I desired. {Want the full story, read here}

But today? I know it IS possible to create a successful business and experience the sweet freedom that come with it….without burning out.


And I LOVE helping women like you feel incredibly supported as you make your transition from the cubicle to the couch {or wherever you decide to spend your days}. I am all about making this journey feel good in the process. And I am curious what freedom looks like to you?

Now, fair warning – what I’m about to introduce to you isn’t an info product, e-course, e-book or even just a regular ol’ coaching program.

And it isn’t JUST about helping you quit your job (although yes, that’s usually the end goal).

It’s not even really about helping you start a thriving business based on the stuff that totally lights a fire in your belly (but yes that is what we do).

It’s a private coaching mentorship experience that is – above all – about providing you with what YOU need to feel radically confident creating your business AND life the way you want it. On your terms. F


This is about YOU being YOU and creating your business and your life, your way. FOLLOWING YOUR UNIQUE DESIGN


Basically, I created this program to give you all the tools you need to truly rock your business AND enjoy your life in the process without getting lost in the shuffle, getting another case of “content paralysis” from some random e-book or feeling totally overwhelmed by someone’s confusing “signature system” without the personal attention you deserve.

Because in all honesty, there is NO ONE SYSTEM that works for everyone {remember bio-individuality? Yea, that applies to your biz as well}.





A 100% personalized coaching experience that will guide you – step-by-step – through the {sometimes awkward and painful} transition from starting and growing your business and achieving the freedom you desire {and feel damn good in the process}.

Over the course of four game-changing months, you’ll receive laser-focused, one-on-one support, hand-holding and incredible accountability so you can pony up and build a thriving coaching business that makes you feel blissfully, just-got-happy – NOT burnt out – every single day.  {Yes, I know that’s a big promise. I also know it’s totally realistic.}

We’ll start by defining your “Freedom Vision” – aka the ideal way you’d like your life and business to look and feel – and use that as a compass to put together your personal Soulfully Guided strategy full of mindset hacks, intuitive guidance, and strategic action steps to take to create your life and business in a way that fully supports your deepest, most fiery desires.


Together, we will…

Define YOUR version of freedom {Do you drop your day job like a bad habit? Go part-time at the office and part-time in your biz? Adjust your schedule? Ask for flex/remote time? You’ve got options, lady!}
Come up with strategies for prioritizing yourself and your business so you work smarter, not harder {Translation? You get your highest priority tasks done-n-dusted no matter how time-strapped you are, so you can have a business and a life!}

Bust through the inner blocks holding you back, including overwhelm, excessive stress, procrastination, anxiety, resistance and fear of change {total biz busters!}

Discover how to apply the hard-won {and valuable} skills from your current job to your coaching biz {whether you’re in IT, sales or hospitality – we’ll find the common threads and weave ‘em right in so that you are rocking your genius}
Work through how to break the news of your transition to the most important peeps in your life – like your hubby, boss, kids, bestie…you name it {all without having a panic attack!}
Refine your branding and nail down your niche once and for all so you feel 100% confident in how you’re presenting yourself {not to mention, make it that much easier for your dream clients to find you and love you}

I am so grateful that Gina has come into my life as my own coach and mentor. I truly value and appreciate her thoughtfulness, keen listening skills and ability to guide me to dig deeper and think bigger. Gina, thank you for being the connector and person that you are!

Larissa Popp

Holistic Health Coach, Larissa Popp

Basically, I’m going to take a magnifying glass to each and every nook-n-cranny of your business and life to make sure your systems, processes and {perhaps most importantly} your mindset are totally in sync {and set up for MAJOR success}. This way you achieve your personalized version of FREEDOM with all of your heart and soul.

Who is this right for? This was made just for you if…

  • You fear you’ll never have enough clients to leave your day job {and tremble oh-so-slightly over the thought of leaving the safety and security of a paycheck in the dust}
  • You feel ridiculously strapped for time – like there’s never enough to work on what actually matters so you can finally move forward
  • You’ve sacrificed soul-nourishing hobbies, self care and friendships just to “get stuff done” (and then resent the very business you’re supposed to love)
  • You’re doing all the “right stuff”in your biz – publishing newsletters and blogs, hosting workshops, showing up to networking events – but STILL can’t book clients {what’s up with that?}
  • You feel exhausted and overwhelmed doing all the plotting and planning, dreaming and scheming alone {without a team or mentor or heck, business partner, to support you}
  • You put off those scary {but necessary} important conversations with your boss/partner/family about your desire to go part-time/work from home/say sayonara to corporate

Sound like you?

Together we got this… Let’s get you feeling free.

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Six (6) – 60 minute coaching sessions with me {by Zoom} over the course of 3 months, to bust down the blocks standing between you and sweet success, so you can confidently make a name for yourself and make more money on your terms
  • Unlimited email/text/message/Voxer support {with 48 hour turnaround time} – I’m the kind of coach who will be there to give you the personal attention you and your business really need to achieve the freedom you desire
  • Your personalized Soulfully Guided Strategy action plan – bite-sized action steps to take to create a thriving business and a life that lights you up
  • Desire Mapping + Fire Starter Sessions – discover how you want to feel in all areas of your life and business and set some goals with soul.
  • Book recommendations, workbooks, and guides to help you meet your goals even faster with ease
  • A juicy gift basket full of my favorite success-boosting tools and things I absolutely love {sent right to your doorstep}
  • One heavily discounted spot in my next Girls Weekend For Your Soul retreat.

Your investment  $2000, flexible payment plans available.  


  • If you are a hell yes and ready to take action within the next 48 hours after our initial call, you will receive a BONUS of one (1) – 90-minute deep Human Design chart reading {by phone or Zoom} with recording to get clear, feel validated, and discover who you were meant to be before anyone told you who to be, you have a unique stamp on the world ($222 value)


After working with Gina I feel confident and focused in a calm, relaxed and professional way. I know what I need to do and I no longer feel intimated by my goals but empowered by them… I’ve gotten so much done in the last few months working with you, than the previous 6 months of doing it all on my own. You’re worth every penny! Thank you Gina!

Bethany Mullins

writer & web designer, Hope and Hum

Honestly, building a business on the side while working another full time job is hard enough… you shouldn’t have to feel like you are shooting in the dark and doing it all alone.  

Seriously, you CAN do this… Because in my eyes – you already are enough and know enough to get started right now.





Before I met Gina, I was unsure about what to focus on and how to measure my progress.  As a result of coaching with Gina, I am more focused and dedicated to working on my business with a plan that is prioritized around my goals. I now understand my ideal client and niche and confidently understand how I make an impact. Gina is gifted in seeing beyond the implementation of business logistics, she sees personal blocks and limiting beliefs that get in the way of business success.  She helps you to focus on using the skills and successes you already have – and using them to achieve your goals. When I look back at the investment I feel it was so worth it, because I feel calm, safe, and confident that I am moving in the direction of success with the actions I have already taken – in a short space of time I made more progress that I did on my own for 1 full year. Gina is a coach who understands the soul of what you are trying to accomplish with your business.  She is great at connecting you to your goals and guiding you to recognize obstacles and she reframes challenges as stepping stones to success.  Gina helps you to use the skills that you already have to create the business that you want so it aligns with your vision and who you are.

Sharon MacGregor

Holistic Health Coach, Serene Serendipity Wellness