You’re smart. Passionate. And driven – sometimes to a fault. You have worked hard to get where you are and now with your side-hustle business you feel like you are juggling everything {your job, your biz, your family, hobbies, and everything in between}… and it’s definitely NOT easy having so many balls in the air.

You crave more FREEDOM and EASE but at the pace you’re going it feels like there is no end in sight and it’s bumming {and stressing} you out.




And what if you could achieve that freedom by figuring out a way to transition out of your full-time job {if you desire} and into your own business without feeling like you’re blindly jumping off a cliff but instead feeling more ease and confident in the process? {psst, it IS possible}

As a freedom + clarity coach, and stress less mentor, I’ve helped women like you do just that – prepare for the most glorious, challenging and heart-pounding {sometimes scary} adventure of their lives: confidently transition from their day job to focus on their dream coaching business with grace and ease.

You are completely in the right place if…

You are a side hustling coach or consultant who is in the beginning to first few years of building your practice and having a hard time carving out time and staying productive to work on your biz to really reach your goals so you can quit your day job.

You are on information overload, overwhelmed with what you’ve learned and not exactly sure how to apply them to your own biz or niche.

You are highly creative and know what you want but lacking the clarity, focus and plan of action to actually move forward so you stay paralyzed by perfectionism and procrastination.

You are strapped for time and energy as you build your dream business on the side because you are pulled in so many directions between work, your biz, clients, family, friends, hobbies {what are those?}, and life {you want that back!}.

You have a fear of really putting yourself out there because you feel you still need more training {even though you have taken umteen courses and group programs}.


I get it and I have been exactly where you are. It’s frustrating, you’re tired, stressed and you just wish you could finally move forward to finally feel successful and free!


Well love, what if I told you that it’s not about the destination to feeling free, but the full journey of experiencing freedom? You see, I am here to help you define and then achieve your version of freedom without sacrificing your health, sanity, income or lifestyle.

How do we accomplish this? It all begins with empowering you with the confidence to really truly be living the life they want now and being in business in a way that lights them up every day.

I am completely devoted to my clients and they get all the 1:1 attention they need to illuminate their very purpose on this planet and what they desire most and create a biz and life that makes them feel like they’re really, truly, wholeheartedly FREE.

So, tell me love, how much longer are you going to “put off” making your dreams a reality? Stop saying “someday” and start making real traction to making your dreams a reality with the mindset, an action plan and accountability that works with your desires.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, on information overload, need clients now {or, preferably, yesterday} and desire to wake up each day with a joy-filled heart because your life and business priorities are in total alignment with what you want from life…

Whether your goal is to quit your day job, create a Freedom{exit} strategy from corporate, or just find a way to balance it all, I want you to know I am here for you to support you through achieving your desires.

Here are the many ways we can connect and work together to create your own Freedom Strategy and fully be living your desires:


Ready for huge shifts and massive momentum? This is a deep dive, half day VIP intensive with Gina (virtual and in-person options) for the busy-as-hell side hustling entrepreneur over waiting for “someday” to start living their dream – you want action now!

This is a private 4 hour session with me to for those who are ready to get down-n-dirty, aim high, gain massive clarity, bust down blocks and get a custom-tailored plan for bolting toward fierce freedom.


A beautiful retreat of gorgeous life changing transformation all based on how you want to feel in life and in your business. Valuable clarity and hot seat life coaching tied with tons of fun {champagne and dance parties anyone?}. Desire Mapping, yoga, exotic dance and setting goals with soul.

Deep connections and sisterhood with other stellar women and one epic weekend you’ll never forget filled with a little {ok, a lot of} heart and soul.


Intimate 4 months of personalized one-on-one attention and your own customized freedom strategy to get you out of corporate and into a thriving coaching career of your own creation.

This is for the coach who knows she needs a tailored approach and a little more hand holding to get where she wants to go and feel amazing in the process. All with an incredible dose of accountability, busting down blocks and fear, and tons of support to move through the process with success, confidence and ease.

I want you to know – you got this!

I already see it, let’s get you there.

Not quite sure what program would be best for you? Fill out this form and let’s hop on a quick, free 30-minute clarity & discovery call to talk it over and see if we’re a right fit.