“Aim at a high mark and you will hit it.” – Annie Oakley


You + Gina + Private Coaching Intensive

= Hitting Your MARK with

Clarity, Confidence & Freedom


Are you finally ready to end your overwhelm, blocks, and procrastination by finding substantial CLARITY and an ACTION PLAN to get moving with your business or leadership direction to gain more success while creating the lifestyle & freedom you desire? 

Become massively clear and confident on all your ideas and dreams and nail down the mindset and what you need to succeed your goals and create a strategy with a 1 month intensive with me.



You are an entrepreneur who is in the beginning to first few years of building your business and having a hard time carving out time and staying productive to work on your business to really reach your goals and the success you desire.

You are overwhelmed with all of the information you have learned and not exactly sure how to apply them to your own business or niche. 

You are highly creative and know what you want but lacking the clarity, focus and plan of action to actually move forward so you stay paralyzed by perfectionism, comparison and procrastination.

You feel scattered and have a million of ideas but lack the self-discipline to follow them through or get stumbled with the process of playing them full out.

You are strapped for time and energy as you build your business because you are pulled in so many directions between work, clients, family, friends, hobbies {what are those?}, and life {you want that back!}. Quick, let’s get you the support you need before you burnout!

You are worried that your business won’t take off enough for you to finally feel free doing the work you love.  

You have a fear of really putting yourself out there because you feel you still need more training {even though you have taken umteen courses and group programs} and keep telling yourself “you’re not ready.”

You feel like your message is fuzzy and you need to get crystal clear on what you do (like truly) and what results you deliver so you can show up with massive confidence in sales calls and get clients dying to work with you 

 I totally get it and have been exactly where you are. It’s frustrating, you’re tired,stuck, stressed and you just wish you could finally make traction and get things moving once and for all so you feel that clarity and confidence you desire.

You are in the right place if you are ready to HIT YOUR MARK and…

  • Commit to making someday become today and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel so you can have the business of your dreams by creating a freedom strategy that feels right for you.
  • Gain clarity to finally get what you REALLY want out of your business and life right now by refining your voice, niche and who you serve, and the results you deliver so you can put an action plan together to move forward and book your dream clients.
  • Overcome the overwhelm with building your business all by yourself by finally having a plan in place to make traction in getting clients, selling programs, booking speaking gigs, and make more money.
  • Stop spinning your wheels and create a clear achievable action plan that works in a way with how you want to feel and with your time-restricted schedule.
  • Remove any blocks or limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and holding you back to creating a lifestyle you love where your business and your life are all working for you to achieve the success you desire in alignment with how you want to feel.  

If this is YOU, you are ready to stop shooting in the dark and ready to dive in and gain massive CLARITY & CONFIDENCE with your business and life.



I am a freedom catalyst, success mentor & transformational clarity coach, who has personally built my business successfully alongside working a full time demanding corporate sales career {including travel}. I know first hand the struggles, frustrations & exhausting feelings you have while trying to fit it all in to make it work all by yourself.  I discovered how to really get clear on what I wanted to be experiencing and feel in my life & business, cleared the clutter {literally and figuratively} and got super focused that I could create an action plan to move forward, remove any blocks & actually achieve the freedom I so strongly desired in an productive stress less way.

Now I am in the “sweet spot” where I enjoy all of the work I give to the world, finding balance, success & happiness in my business and in life where it all flows. I am able to travel, plan my own schedule & finally feel free – I truly believe I AIMED HIGH & HIT THE MARK of where I want to be with my total life and business. It takes clarity and focus, clearing the clutter and creating an action plan that works in alignment with your desires to make it happen. I am highly skilled at time management, productivity when working from home, overcoming overwhelm, stress reduction and just the sharpshooter to show you how to make this happen for yourself and gain the freedom you desire.

After my intensive with Gina, I had a 3-step plan to get out of my full-time job and go full-time into my biz. To make the transition smooth and less “scary” for me and my husband, I really needed a plan that eased us all through the transition to full-time entrepreneur.

Part of the plan was to start working from home, then go part-time, before finally quitting my job altogether. Approaching my boss about these transitions was really stressful to me though, so Gina helped me prepare for those talks. My meetings with my boss went amazingly well with the clear plan I was confident in. I knew exactly how I would overcome possible objections – and even managed to construct the talk in such a way that I overcame them before they came up! It felt amazing to be making steps in the right direction!

I highly recommend Gina’s Clarity Intensive – it was so helpful in getting my “escape plan” together and getting really clear on my why as well! Now, a year later, I have no regrets about leaving my job. I’m happier, have more freedom in my schedule, and I am set to make at least twice as much income as I brought in at the full-time job that I was unhappy at!

Thanks so much Gina for all of your help! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Julie Lowe

Owner, Socially Aligned

The details:

Say YES to becoming clear and confident with me and you’ll receive…

  • OPTION 1: VIRTUAL INTENSIVE – 4 hours of virtual deep dive clarity intensive (split into 2 sessions) with Gina by phone or Zoom + Accompanying workbook to remove blocks, gain clarity, set goals and create an action plan for forward movement and success + MP3 recording of sessions + One(1) – 60 minute follow up coaching session with me to check in and keep you moving forward by accountability and follow through within 30 days of your session + unlimited messaging, emails, and Voxer with Gina during that month (I got your back!) + Book recommendations to help you implement and succeed with your goals + Discount on future private coaching for ongoing support. Investment $997 (payment plans available)
  • OPTION 2: IN-PERSON INTENSIVE – Spend the day with Gina in person for a 4 hour deep dive clarity intensive in Seattle + Lunch and Coffee/treats during our time together in private location in downtown Seattle + Accompanying workbook to remove blocks, gain clarity, set goals and create an action plan for forward movement and success + Plus an extra hour hanging out with Gina and tour her favorite places in downtown Seattle including Pike’s Place Market or Pioneer Square (think cool eclectic shops and the best coffee around) + Special inspirational gift just for you + One(1) – 60 minute follow up coaching session with me to check in and keep you moving forward by accountability and follow through within 30 days of your session + unlimited messaging, emails, and Voxer with Gina during that month (I got your back!) + Book recommendations to help you implement and succeed with your goals + Discount on future private coaching for ongoing support. Investment $1297 (payment plans available) *Are you from out of town? We can arrange sweet boutique hotel accommodations for you in downtown Seattle, just ask!


:: GOALS WITH SOUL SETTING WORKBOOK – Gina’s personal workbook for reviewing how you want to feel and pairing it with goal setting and achievement for some goals with major soul and alignment. Inspired by The Desire Map. 

:: WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEW – Gina will do a full audit and review of your website and/or social media presence and send you recommendations by email.

:: SPECIAL DISCOUNT – $200 off a ticket to my next Girls Weekend For Your {Business} Soul retreat.



This is for you if you are no longer willing to wait on your dreams of running your business full time, you ready NOW! 


One intensive with Gina to go deep, set goals, and create an action plan where we really nail down exactly what you want to be doing with your biz by removing your blocks and finding the clarity and confidence you need to move forward to land those clients and get more cash. Your session is full of transformational work that incorporates NLP, intuition and visualization to overcome any blocks, overwhelm, procrastination, fear of failure, lack of self-discipline or self-confidence standing in your way and gets you into a place of moving forward backed by personal action oriented plans and organization to implement in your biz and so you can actually find balance, ease and success {who knew!}. This is the real deal to finally getting what you want. Finally break free from running your biz like hobby to finally running it like the successful powerhouse you know and desire it to be. AIM HIGH & HIT YOUR MARK!

Be fierce with your freedom, you deserve it. 



I know what you are thinking. Gina, this sounds great but…

I am so busy already; I can’t find the time to work with a coach

Albert Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. THIS is the cycle you are in and you need to do something different to break out of it to finally achieve your goals. Trust me, hiring a personal coach is the best thing you can do for you and your biz. I took all of the free and paid courses I could get my hands on but did not actually move forward and gain much success and freedom until I prioritized, hired a coach and made time to get things done… BUT it’s for this very reason I am offering a half day intensive for those time restraint coaches who need to get focused and carry on with follow through to get you the momentum and confidence you desire. PLUS don’t worry your pretty little head, I am an expert at motivation, getting things done and helping my clients prioritize, stress less and achieve successful time management skills so you are actually in the right place.

I’m going to wait until I have more money.

If you have no time to work on your business and you are already burning the candle at both ends, how on earth are you going to figure out how to make money if you haven’t done it by now? Trust me, clients don’t magically appear out of thin air. There is most likely a reason you are procrastinating, feeling resistance or just plain scared. Let’s figure out what that is and together implement a solution so you can actually have your ideal clients find you and make money {while retaining your sanity}. This is an investment in yourself, your life, and your business to finally be succeeding in all areas of your life.


Ready to aim high and hit your mark?

Let’s get started! Now enrolling for Q1 2020




If you are a coach starting out, I highly recommend coaching with Gina if you want to build your business with less stress, more success and plenty of joy.  Gina uses her coaching expertise, life experience, and keen listening skills to help you pinpoint what your soul purpose is calling for, to dig deep within to clarify your niche. If you are unclear on which way to go, it is so important to work with Gina to save you time, money, and aggravation just trying to figure it out all on your own.  Her intuition is spot on to steer you toward success with less stress as you get your business off the ground.  Working with Gina will knock your socks off, as it has for me. Lauren Madden

Lifestyle Expert & Life Coach, Lauren Madden Lifestyle

Gina really understands the working woman who is trying to do it all. She helps you make the important baby steps to get you where you want to go. Being a full time working mommy looking to incorporate a health coach practice is a big undertaking and since Gina has experienced this, with her guidance it is definitely do-able with her by your side.

Fran Charlip

Health Coach

Gina helped me clear the debris of my insecurities and self doubt so that I could get in touch with the empowered and positive women business owner I wanted to be. Her simple yet powerful questions helped me gain clarity and action steps I can take to move forward.

Lizeth Bejarano

Health Coach & Chef, Holistic Foodies

It’s your time to stop getting distracted or stagnant and start gaining momentum to becoming the clear, confident, and successful woman you are destined to be!  


If YES, then click HERE! I am looking forward to supporting you to much success and happiness!



PS – Finding a personal coach is important and you want to find someone who matches your personality and style. Wondering if I am a right fit for you? CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CLARITY BREAKTHROUGH CALL AND LET’S CHAT <<<