What my clients are saying

If you are a coach starting out, I highly recommend coaching with Gina if you want to build your business with less stress, more success and plenty of joy.  Gina uses her coaching expertise, life experience, and keen listening skills to help you pinpoint what your soul purpose is calling for, to dig deep within to clarify your niche. If you are unclear on which way to go, it is so important to work with Gina to save you time, money, and aggravation just trying to figure it out all on your own.  Her intuition is spot on to steer you toward success with less stress as you get your business off the ground.  Working with Gina will knock your socks off, as it has for me.

Lauren Madden

Lifestyle Expert & Life Coach, Lauren Madden Lifestyle

After working with Gina I feel confident and focused in a calm, relaxed and professional way. I know what I need to do and I no longer feel intimated by my goals but empowered by them… I’ve gotten so much done in the last few months working with you, than the previous 6 months of doing it all on my own. You’re worth every penny! Thank you Gina!

Bethany Mullins

writer & web designer, Hope and Hum

I am so grateful that Gina has come into my life as my own coach and mentor. I truly value and appreciate her thoughtfulness, keen listening skills and ability to guide me to dig deeper and think bigger. Gina, thank you for being the connector and person that you are!

Larissa Popp

Holistic Health Coach, Larissa Popp

After my intensive with Gina, I had a 3-step plan to get out of my full-time job and go full-time into my biz. To make the transition smooth and less “scary” for me and my husband, I really needed a plan that eased us all through the transition to full-time entrepreneur.

Part of the plan was to start working from home, then go part-time, before finally quitting my job altogether. Approaching my boss about these transitions was really stressful to me though, so Gina helped me prepare for those talks. My meetings with my boss went amazingly well with the clear plan I was confident in. I knew exactly how I would overcome possible objections – and even managed to construct the talk in such a way that I overcame them before they came up! It felt amazing to be making steps in the right direction!

I highly recommend Gina’s Sharpshooter Clarity Intensive – it was so helpful in getting my “escape plan” together and getting really clear on my why as well! Now, a year later, I have no regrets about leaving my job. I’m happier, have more freedom in my schedule, and I am set to make at least twice as much income as I brought in at the full-time job that I was unhappy at!

Thanks so much Gina for all of your help! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Julie Lowe

Owner, Socially Aligned

After 6 months of working with Gina, I cannot speak highly enough about her coaching.  Before working with her I was a stressed out working professional wanting more freedom to start a family. Now I have that and I am so thankful for the understanding and lifelong knowledge that Gina has provided to me!

Claire Markovsky

Marketing Director

Gina has a special knack for hearing what needs to heard and reading in between the lines. She helped me clear the debris of my insecurities and self-doubt so that I could get in touch with the empowered and positive women business owner I wanted to be. Her simple yet powerful questions helped me gain clarity and action steps to move forward

Lizeth Bejarano

Health Coach & Chef, Holistic Foodies

I was asked at a women’s business building workshop what piece of advice I would give a woman who is looking to pursue her passion so she can live an empowered life – my advice was simple. Go to Gina’s Girls Weekend for Your Soul Retreat to get clear on how you want to feel every single day and then get out in the world and do you life’s work.

Chassie Bell

Graphic Artist and Web Designer, Chassie Bell Design and Branding

Before I met Gina, I was unsure about what to focus on and how to measure my progress and if what I working on would actually help my business.  She helped me to understand what I wanted, how to prioritize the steps to get there, and then set out some focused action steps to get me there. Gina is gifted in seeing beyond the implementation of business logistics, she sees personal blocks and limiting beliefs that get in the way of success.  She helps you to focus on using the skills and successes you already have – and using them to achieve your goals. When I look back at the investment I feel it was soooo worth it, because I feel calm, safe and confident and that I am moving in the direction of success with the actions I have already taken – in a short space of time I made more progress that I did on my own for 1 full year. Gina is a confident and intuitive coach who understands the soul of what you are trying to accomplish with your business.  She is great at connecting you to your goals and guiding you to recognize obstacles and she reframes challenges as stepping stones to success.  Gina helps you to use the skills that you already have to create the business that you want so it aligns with your vision and who you are. 

Sharon MacGregor

Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Serene Serendipity Wellness