You are at a crossroads.

Two paths diverge in front of you; the one you thought you wanted and carrying you on your way, and the one that includes that soulful sustainable success you are longing for.

The path you thought you wanted is safe. You know the curves of this trail, the other hikers you’ll be with, and how to handle the forthcoming challenges. This path also feels monotonous and predictable. 

Your soulful success path on the other hand, is a bit unclear. You know the ultimate destination but have no idea how it actually gets you there.

Your soul’s path requires you to grow, to leap, to trust. It asks you to double down on your dreams, to believe in yourself and to live this one life that you get to the fullest.

I have good news: you don’t have to know exactly where your this path is taking you, you just have to take the first step and TRUST.

Take a deep breath.

If you’re here on this page, it’s because you’ve been guided to be. There are no coincidences.

Chances are you:

Are sick of self sabotaging yourself and letting fear win by keeping you stuck and getting in your way. You have some big goals you want to accomplish.     

Believe that life is meant to be lived. You want your life to feel amazing and you’re finally committed to making it so.   

Are meant for more. Maybe you’re a bit lonely, are feeling unfulfilled, or can’t quite put your finger on what needs to change but know it’s something and it’s calling you.   

You know you’re ready to:

Stop researching and consuming information, keeping you in paralysis or in the fear of not knowing enough.

I promise, you do. 

Implement, to trust your gifts, expertise, and intuition and put them into practice.

Finally do what you say you are going to do and achieve what you desire most. Accelerated success with confidence and ease.

Have full fledged support. No more feeling alone and struggling on this journey, you are ready to say yes to having the resources and people in your corner to see this through.

And as for the “HOW” — I’m about to help you figure it out.


The Sistermind

A 6-month transformational mastermind+sisterhood experience to support you in re-discovering what you really want and aligning with it with ease & grace.

All things business. All things life. Because the two are intertwined as we fully step into the success of fulfilling our dreams and moving the mountains to get there.

This is a GOAL ACCELERATOR program

I am here to tell you there isn’t anything wrong with you! You have been holding yourself back, getting in your own way, limiting yourself with these lies of not knowing enough, not being enough, losing yourself on the wrong path. Come back to yourself, your dreams, move forward, and plan for velocity.

The Sistermind includes:

Private Coaching & Personalized Support - You receive one (1) private one hour 1:1 calls with me, Gina, each month (six total) to use throughout our time together to make sure you get the laser attention, clarity, and hand holding you need to succeed. ($5000 value)

An All-Access pass to me, Gina! I'm available to you via voxer/IM/email/text for extra coaching support and inspiration between calls - during business hours M-F, 48 hour turnaround ($1000 value)

2 Monthly Group Mastermind/Laser Coaching Calls. (90min - 2hrs) These calls are all about taking action and moving forward by addressing fears and blocks, and getting consistent support by me and your soul-sisters (all calls recorded and everyone's questions get answered) ($2000 value)

Extra goodies like books, resources and anything else that will support you during our time together. ($50 value)

*** BONUS ***Private 90 minute Human Design reading call to go over the details of your unique design and how it can help you make confident decisions and align with your true calling. ($147 value)

*** BONUS *** Virtual goal setting half day retreat with Gina and your new soul sisters to set your sights on a new horizon, put a plan in place and prepare for velocity as you move that mountain. Held over Zoom, recording available. ($200)

*** BONUS *** Liberate & Leverage Your Fear virtual mini-course to start addressing your fears head on by learning my proven process to overcome them. ($47 value)

This experience is well worth over $8,000!

Your investment is just $2500, or seven payments of $375

** We begin February 2022 **

Are you ready to gain traction, and move some massive mountains with me and a handful of powerful women together?

Let’s Get Started – Get on the waitlist!

It is extremely important to us that we cultivate the right mix of personalities of women who are ready to connect deeply to give and get support in this sistermind, and finally gain the momentum and success they desire in business and in life.

Therefore, we are currently accepting applications!

We are keeping it intimate – LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE

Once You Apply:

  1. You will get an email confirming your application has been received and you’ll be sent a link to book a call with Gina!
  2. Assuming the call goes great and it feels like a perfect fit for both of us, you’ll choose your payment plan, receive your contract and get this show on the road!
  3. We’ll have a magical 6 months together in the Soul Sistermind while you cultivate your inner world and transform your life + an amazing in-person retreat this spring.
  4. You’ll walk away being more you than ever, have accomplished more than you could have imagined, with a group of soul sisters who love you and have your back for the highs and lows for months to come.

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.

Chinese Proverb

If we haven’t met yet, hi! I’m Gina, and I’m here to help you wake up, get clear, succeed, and move some damn mountains.

Who am I? I’m a leadership and success coach for world changing ambitious women. I started my entrepreneurial journey with a side hustle and grew a whole business around helping other ladies do the same thing.

Now, it’s a bit more than business, it’s a way of life. I help women make big bold decisions with confidence and ease to become unstoppable in creating the lives and careers they desire.

Over the past years, I’ve devoted my life and work to helping ambitious women get out of their own way, step into their power, find their true North, and discover their own inner compass through coaching, retreats, and in my #1 Internationally Best Selling book, Women Who Illuminate.

My goal is to support you on your path to more joy, ease and freedom, not by avoiding tough situations but by building the support system to get through anything. For me, a nonnegotiable on the top of that list is a meaningful connection and sisterhood.

If there’s anything I know, it’s that when you’re surrounded by a group of women who see and support you and your vision fully, everything changes. It has become my personal and professional mission to fully support these women so that no one is feeling stuck and left behind. Which is exactly why I created the Sistermind.

Want to hear what the women in the Sistermind have to say about their experience?

Before working with Gina, I thought I knew what I was good at and wanted to do but after working with her I have gained a clearer understanding of my unique gifts, what I should be doing with my talents, and what I desire. She has helped me gain the clarity that drives productive action! There is a lot of contemplation, reflection, and creative processing that needs to happen to grow a new business and it can easily get pushed off to the side but Gina helps give this work validity and has helped me keep on track. By working with Gina, my side hustle is becoming my full time hustle and the way I am deciding to move forward impacts all facets of my life. A whole life change, not just in my career, but in the way I approach life is happening and I love the direction it is going. I feel so blessed to have Gina on my team!

Kathleen Kelsey

Founder, Working Dog Enterprises

Gina is nothing short of amazing. What I appreciate about her is that she meets you where you are in your life’s journey and builds upon what drives you, gives you different points of view, and gives you tools & resources to help you achieve your goals. Gina gave me the courage to make some big life and career decisions that I wouldn’t have been able to make without her. She is very supportive and responsive and I couldn’t ask for a better coach to help me succeed with my goals

Char Stiles-Hansen

Realtor Team Lead, Stiles and Hanson Team

After working with Gina, I had a plan to get out of my job and go full-time into my biz. To make the transition smooth I really needed a plan that eased me through the transition to full-time entrepreneur and this worked great! I highly recommend working with Gina  – it was so helpful in getting my plan together and getting really clear on my why as well! Now, I have no regrets about leaving my job. I’m happier, have more freedom in my schedule, and I am set to make at least twice as much income as I brought in at the full-time job that I was unhappy at! Thanks so much Gina for all of your help! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Julie Lowe

Owner, Socially Aligned

At it’s heart, the Sistermind is about not being on this journey alone. It is about getting the support, 1:1 coaching, friendship, and accountability to move mountains in your personal and professional life with much success and reap the benefits of how it positively trickles into all areas of your life. It is a SUCCESS ACCELERATOR with massive amounts of support. 

Just think what you could accomplish in 6 months of super support and masterminding with an exceptional coach and band of soul sisters. Close your eyes and let’s paint that picture for a moment…

You have brought together all of your gifts and work in your zone of genius allowing yourself to embrace the ease of doing business your way – you know, the way that feels oh-so-good.

This has allowed you to show up, be seen, and share authentically with your tribe, and are now a known expert in your field.

You are no longer guessing on what to do and how to do it as you have already gained crystal clarity on how to best make aligned decisions and what to focus on to maximize results.

Your new normal is attracting attracting new opportunities with ease it feels ridiculous and you laugh and jump for joy at the same time because you can hardly believe how amazing and effortless it feels.

You finally made those scary but necessary decisions to quit your job, move cities, start that business, join that partnership, speak on stage, ask for the raise, plan that event, write that book, invest big in yourself, etc. with total ease and grace.

You are exactly where you want to be, running your business how YOU want and it feels liberating and freaking amazing

… if this is at all close to what you envisioned too, then I would like to officially invite you to be a part of The Sistermind – a mastermind and sisterhood combination like no other.

I wholeheartedly believe

that when sleeping women

wake and band together,

they move even

greater mountains.

Are you ready? It’s time to pick your path to soulful and sustainable success.

{Your soul sisters and I are waiting for you on the other side.}