Sent to my newsletter subscribers 06/01/2020: Whether you are new to being in my inner circle community or have been here for a while, I cannot go another day without addressing what is on my heart and mind.

I am taking the time to acknowledge the racial injustice happening to people of color. My heart hurts but I can’t imagine how hard it’s been for any of my BIPOC clients or community members.

To my black sisters: I see you, I honor you, I will work harder. I am committed to leaning into those difficult and uncomfortable conversations because I know you have been MORE than uncomfortable for far too long. It’s awful, I’m sorry, you matter. #blacklivesmatter.

I want you to know I’m here for you in any way you tell me to be. We don’t have to talk about anything, but I wanted you to know I’m here. #iamlistening.

I plan to amplify the voices of women of color in my community by giving them the stage and highlighting the work they are doing in the world. If that is you, please reply reach out and we will set that up ASAP.

To my white sisters: Because you are a member of my community I know you have a big heart and want to help, I know you deeply care. No matter where you might fall on your journey to educating yourself, we all have more learning to do. We must do better and be better. I am humbled and listening and I hope you are too. It is not about us, it is about our black brothers and sisters.

I don’t have the answers, and I most definitely am not an expert on this matter. BUT I have made a commitment to myself, to my friends, and to my community to educate myself deeper on this issue to be anti-racist and a better ally. I am committed to being open and have these difficult and uncomfortable conversations because they are necessary and one way we can influence change.

I ask that you make this commitment with me so that we can create real equity and safety for BIPOC in the world today (which is extremely overdue). It is up to you to educate yourself and understand how your “well intentions” may be causing harm and learn from it (believe me, I have been there and I am sure I will be there again because this work is not perfect. Perfection has no place here, again #humility).

If you don’t know what to do or where to begin I have collected a list of references and resources to share. This started out as my personal reference and catch-all sheet so that I can continue my own learning, so fair warning – it’s not pretty or branded – just links, books, articles, programs, videos, WOC to follow and learn from, etc. that I have found helpful. The list is by no means extensive or complete but I hope you find them useful and please share with me any references you have so we can keep learning together.

Until next time. My love and commitment to you,