Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you focus on stress?

In the first few years of developing my health coach practice, I noticed a pattern with my clients. I had always focused on working with busy professional women but no matter how hard they tried at their health goals like losing weight, gaining more energy or eating better, if stress was still a major player in their life they had a much harder time achieving success {they wanted to eat dark leafy greens but they were so stressed out that it just wasn’t a priority}. After doing much research I discovered how stress can affect your health in so many ways and is the culprit for so many issues and ailments. After that I changed my approach to addressing stress first, at the cause, to help my clients achieve success in all areas of their life. After gaining control and breaking up with stress and worry, my clients expedite their goals ten fold.

How are you a clarity coach?

I have discovered I have a gift of seeing through the clutter and discover what is lying beneath the surface to help you uncover what is missing and help you get really clear on what you need to move forward and get what you want. I work with clients who are having a hard time with something (business, health, life, etc.) or their vision is getting cluttered and I help them find clarity and take empowered action to more forward.

What is the Transformational Coaching Method?

Someone certified as a Transformational Coach provides individuals with a direct, lived experience of the reality they have created in order to empower them to shift their current paradigm to make way for what is desired. Basically the ability to help clear your blocks that are preventing you from getting what you want and paving the new way to make it happen.

What are your degrees and certifications?

I have my master’s in animal nutrition from the University of Arizona {I’m a huge nutrition nerd} and am a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. I am trained in the transformational coaching method through Holistic MBA as well as continue to take courses on coaching, productivity management and stress relief.

 What’s with the horses?

I have always been an animal lover my entire life and especially connected to horses. I have grown up with them and they have played a large role in influencing the person I have become. To me the horse is a beautiful example of qualities I want to embody like grace, flexibility and freedom. The horse is also a wonderful teacher of the stress response as well as a metaphor for life. I use the horse in my teaching and coaching to provide a more experiential learning process for my clients.