Season 2 Episode 2: Ashleigh Blatt, It’s Okay to Be Selfish

This week’s guest is Ashleigh Blatt, chief curator and master connector who creates additional revenue streams for celebrities and project-based service businesses to create reoccurring income streams.

Listen in as we discuss her journey of how she started a successful seven-figure business but then burnt out. She tried the housewife gig for a while, but deep down new she was meant to be an entrepreneur.

We dig into her discovering how she found a business that met her lifestyle, growing your network, maximizing social media influence, following your journey, loneliness, following that “itch”, setting boundaries and conversations with your partner, how it is okay to be selfish, and if you love it you will find the time.

For more information on Ashleigh, check out her podcast The Power Squad Project, and website at