Season 2 Episode 5: Sarah Liddle, Success is Alignment of Your Truth

This week’s guest is Sarah Liddle, a skincare evangelist and founder of NOW by SML. She specializes in making natural skincare that is infused with Reiki, and based on Ayurvedic principles. She has been an entrepreneur since she was 17 years old.

Listen in as we discuss how Sarah knew, from a very young age, that entrepreneurship was in her DNA. She shares how she dropped out of school and started her own business at a time when it wasn’t popular to do so, and how she juggled her business, law school, and motherhood.

We dig into how being resourceful and a good thinker is one of the most important skills to have, how not to be afraid to raise the bar, how having those little moments of solitude and creativity made all the difference in her success, why people telling you that you won’t succeed shouldn’t fuel you, and how success has more to do with being in alignment with your truth than about setting and reaching goals. She also shares the secret to her success based a 20/80 rule.

You can learn more about Sarah and her products on her website:

Instagram: nowbysmla