1. I’m a trained Transformational Coach. This means I know how to fully support my clients work through limiting beliefs and fears as they make major changes and I know how to help make sure they succeed!
  2. I have been bitten by a dog 3 different times as a child but have been an animal lover since birth {and still am}.
  3. I love health and nutrition. In fact, I’m also a stress coach and certified Integrative Nutrition Coach {and have 3 years in the trenches working with clients} and hold a master’s in Nutrition.
  4. I’m intuitive and creative {would you believe I was an art major for a year} but also analytical and data-driven. And I’ve got a whole lotta passion and gumption {okay, and green juice} behind my hustle.
  5. I wanted to move to Seattle since I was 12 years old, and my dream came true in 2010, when we moved here from Arizona.
  6. I am obsessed with all things Mexican and Southwest inspired {you can take the girl out of the desert but not the desert out of the girl}.
  7. My animal totem is the orca whale.
  8. My two super powers – 1) I have an innate ability to see the potential in women before they see it in themselves {at least, that’s what my soul sisters say} and 2) I magnetically connect stellar women with each other and get great pleasure seeing their relationship and sisterhood flourish {a sort of soul-sister matchmaker}.
  9. I’m an Aquarius and a lefty.
  10. I’m the anti-guru, so you won’t find any “signature system” or “6 steps to a 6-figure launch” stuff on this site. I know one size does NOT fit all – especially in business – and I’m sooo over that style of teaching. I’m not here to add any more noise to the conversation. I’m here to transform the conversation. Lovingly, of course.


If you’re ready to stop confusion, overwhelm and stress in it’s tracks and craft your freedom strategy to gain the clarity and confidence you need to get galloping towards your version of success… Come on in, I’ve been waiting for you.