Confession time – I used to have a TON of projects I was working on (and a million tabs open) and to be honest felt a little (ok, a lot) scattered. I had so many ideas and so many passions I wanted to pursue but I just couldn’t get any real traction. I was pulling myself in so many directions that I was beginning to feel deflated. And that is definitely NOT what this ultimate side hustler wanted to be feeling. I knew something had to change but not sure what.
Then last year something pricked my interest… I heard about this program that was supposed to help me set and achieve goals in a process that was proven by research. Now I am always a big fan of research proven products and to discover something like this I thought it must be too good to be true. And to be honest I swore up and down that I would not take another DIY/group program until I finished some of ones I have signed up for in the past (do you feel me on that?).  But I decided to dig a little deeper.
So, last June I tuned into Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year free Business Achievement Masterclass series and all I can say is WOW – it could not have come at a better time as it was JUST WHAT I NEEDED. Why? Because I needed a SYSTEM. Yeah, yeah I know you have heard me talk about how taking on someone’s system is not always the best thing for you, BUT I know my weaknesses – staying organized and staying focused. And I knew I needed to adopt a system that would work for me and help me with those areas.
And you see, I always thought I had a pretty good handle on this goal SETTING thing (you know, with the whole desire mapping in all)… But I always felt that something was *missing* in that goal ACHIEVING system. And I could never quite figure out WHY.
That was until I got into Todd’s first video in the training series and it completely OBLITERATED everything I thought I knew about goal achievement and made me realize that everything I achieved in my business actually came in spite of setting goals.
Not because of them.
And once I approached my goals in this way, not only did I achieve MORE in less time… but I did so with more clarity, predictability and less leaked energy.
Now I want to share with you what I learned from this system and how it impacted me and my business…
  • First off it made A BIG IMPACT on HOW I approached what I was doing. I realized I was tackling my tasks and to-dos all wrong and it was overwhelming me in the process. Learning this new system really helped me reflect on what my goals truly are and gave me a realistic view of what I really can get done and successfully achieve in 90 days.
  • Secondly, it helped me streamline to focus on 1-2 things and then work to get those done BEFORE moving on, ensuring its achievement and success. I really needed that focus. I have trimmed the fat off other projects I was adding to the mix and it feels great to FINALLY COMPLETE a major project I had lingering all year… my podcast!!!!! Seriously this was hanging over me since 2015 and I have to give the this system credit to really helping me kick it into gear to take me down the homestretch to launch. 
  • Thirdly, I actually doubled my income from last year while only working 5 hours per week on my business (if that). And while I cannot say it was 100% all due to the 90 Day Year, it sure was a large part of me getting organized and productive to achieving that goal.

If this is sounding too good to be true, I get it. I originally was skeptical about taking yet another online course. So what made me jump in and say YES? Accountability and a mastermind group. I signed up under someone I loved and respected so that I could guarantee someone would be there to kick my butt when I was wasn’t doing the work – because sometimes that is exactly what we need (more on that later in another post).

So, if you’re ready to partner setting some goals (with soul) with a proven goal ACHIEVEMENT system, then join me in watching Todd’s first free training video, and learn: Why setting goals beyond 90 days sucks all the air out of your motivation, leads to crippling procrastination, and goes against the way your brain is naturally wired.

Are you ready? Let’s make YOUR success in 2017 quite simply… achievable and inevitable.


To your success, sanity and freedom,


PS – If you are feeling overwhelmed and have that little voice inside telling you need to get your act together, you might want to check out Todd’s free training series. I will be discussing this more in the upcoming weeks and offering a really awesome bonus to any side hustler ready to step up and make sure they not only discover and set their goals, but actually achieve them for 2017.


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