Wow, have you ever had something just slap you in the face totally reminding you of your purpose and to stay on track! Well that is what happened to me today….

{Quick note: Now I normally am not hugely into writing as I prefer to connect with you all by video BUT I just had to share this ASAP…. Why I chose NOT to do B-School and getting over my FOMO.}

So, if you run in my online circles or in any of the health and wellness or entrepreneur online circles I am sure you already know B-School (an online marketing course by Marie Forlio) is now open for enrollment. And it seems like everyone and their mother is promoting their affiliate links and bonuses on why you should sign up. Honestly it is pure marketing genius.

Let me first say that I absolutely LOVE Marie, am a subscriber to her newsletter and always watch her videos. She is amazing and if I could get 1:1 coaching with her I would be all over that…. BUT every year around this time I start to get slightly {okay, maybe more than slightly} annoyed by all of the millions of emails and social media posts about B-School and, in all honesty, it starts to throw me off track and FOMO {fear of missing out} starts to creep in and show it’s ugly head.

Let me explain… It is already mid February and I have well planned out my 2015 goals for my biz {utilizing The Desire Map, to create goals with soul}. I am working with an awesome coach, keeping me on track and I have workshops planned, intensives to re-launch, masterminds to plan and so much goodness going on… but with all the buzz of B-school I found I was doubting myself… and it did not feel good.

Judgements and questions about where I am at and how far I have come started creeping in:

  • What if THIS is what I really need for my next level of success?
  • What if there is something I am missing that I could learn in B-School?
  • What if THIS is finally the group program that I am going to follow through with?
  • If I do B-school, will I finally make that 6 figures in my biz?
  • If I do B-school, will I finally become that well known guru in my field?
  • Does every successful entrepreneur NEED B-school?

That is a doozy, PLUS one of my all time favorite mentors and creator of The Desire Map, Danielle LaPorte, is offering an hugely amazing bonus, especially for licensed workshop facilitators like myself. It was “shiny object syndrome” at it’s finest and I again was faced with “I should do this…. I might be missing out if I don’t do this.”

Wait, WHAT?!?! {insert audio: record scratch} RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG! Anytime I catch myself saying “should” or doing something out of fear I challenge myself to step back with a big fat RED FLAG. I needed to ask myself some important questions…

  • What do I really want?
  • How does it feel in my body?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What would this actually do for me?
  • Is this decision expansive or contractive {check out my video on this topic HERE}

Now I am also very fortunate to have some outstanding mastermind soul sisters in my life, a coach, and a pretty amazing hubby who I can rely on to help me reflect and determine the best decisions for myself and my business.

In addition, and staying true to desire mapping, I also always have my CORE DESIRED FEELINGS (CDFs) in front of me guiding my decisions, which are:


With a huge emphasis on E.A.S.E. after having a baby in August…. And when I woke up this morning it all just slapped me in the face. THIS is what I saw on Danielle’s Instagram #truthbomb deck: FOff

So, guess what? I do not need B-School {thank you universe}.

Now this does not mean I won’t ever do B-School, but I am confident that I do not need it right now. You see, I HAVE taken marketing and business building courses. I know what I am and am not good at. I know that I do not want a DIY business. I know I do not need nor want to do another online group program for a while. And to be successful this year I am better off spending that chunk of money on my private coach {to receive individualized attention which I think is worth it’s weight in gold over an online group program any day}, a copywriter, social media expert and web designer. That is what I need. That is what is going to make me feel good.

racehorseblindersGWI am staying on course. My course. Just like how horses wear “blinders” when they race so that they won’t get distracted. This helps them stay focused on the finish line. This is what I am doing, putting my blinders on.

Funny thing is that overcoming “shiny object syndrome” and putting blinders on is one of the main things I coach my budding women entrepreneur clients around. It all comes full circle and I am reminded consistently to walk my talk. I know enough, I am enough, and I am exactly where I need to be to succeed.

Agree? Tweet it: I know enough, I am enough, and I am exactly where I need to be to succeed.

This does not mean YOU might not need B-School. It actually might be the exact thing you need in your biz right now. But maybe not. I hope you use my experience as a reminder to go with your gut. Tune in to your body, tell FOMO to f*ck off, and run through this process to make your own decision and gain clarity on what you think you might need.

Did this help you? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.