HOLIDAY TRAFFIC IS THE SH*T! Wouldn’t you agree? I just got caught up in it on Saturday and reminded myself of the tips I want to share with you because if you let it, it can really get the best of you and can cause some major stress this holiday season.

So there you are trying to get where you want to go, but there are so many cars on the road that you are just inching by. Light turns over 3 times before you even make it through the intersection and it then takes you 30 minutes just to find a parking spot. By that point you are so frustrated you vow to never go out on the road until after January 2nd, and now you are in a bad mood. Bah Humbug!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could drive stress free in traffic this season? In my efforts to help you stress less this holiday season I shot another quick video to help you prepare and not let this crazy traffic get the best of you. Check it out. (click here for the link)

Holiday Stressor: TRAFFIC

In a nutshell, I have 3 specific tips on how you can address and stress less over HOLIDAY TRAFFIC:

  1. Accept it – there are a ton of people on the roads and they are not going anywhere. If you remember this before you head out you can put yourself in the mindset that there most definitely WILL be traffic so it won’t catch you off guard and ruin your day.
  2. Plan ahead – Give yourself an extra 15 mintues (more if you need to search for parking) so that you won’t be rushed, running late and add to even more stress.
  3. Have fun with it – it is inevitable, you are spending more time in the car than you normanlly would so make that extra time fun and enjoyable. Play some fun music and jam out, bring someone with you to keep you company, listen to an audio book, or call a friend or family memeber (with a hands free device of course) to catch up and wish them a happy holiday (one more to cross off your list).

Hope that helps as you head out on your next holiday outing. Stay tunned for more tips on how to reduce holiday stress. And if you missed the first tip, check it out HERE

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