Just a few weeks ago I got back from amazing weekend in sunny San Diego spent with five of my most treasured friends who are also my colleagues, fellow coaches and some of the most talented women I know. We come from all over the US and together are a mix health coaches, life coaches, fitness instructors, chefs, foodies, marketing mavens, visibility coaches, stress coaches, business coaches, intuitives and spiritual guides. We all have different backgrounds, stories and come froms but we have one big thing that draws us together – the power of sisterhood. 


Now this specific group of women is different than some of the other (equally amazing in their own way) groups of women that I roll with in that we have come together because we all have a strong desire to truly make a difference in other’s lives, make a positive impact on the world and have dedicated ourselves to the lifelong journey of personal growth and development. That is actually how we met – through our certification course in the Transformational Coaching Method (highly recommend BTW). I was drawn to these women by their spirit, love, light and compassion (plus they are smart cookies!) and we enjoyed each others company and peer coaching so much that we decided to keep going with it. These are some of the best coaches I know and over the last year we have come to trust and understand each other, support, stretch and strategize together, and giving and gaining guidance. It is a beautiful and powerful thing.

Now this type of magical sisterhood doesn’t just pop out of thin air. They are like small seeds that eventually grow into  beautiful flowers that was only made possible by the attention, sunlight and water it received.  Who brought these specific magical “seeds” together you might ask? Well, I did.

I witnessed these amazing women and wanted them around me, to create a community of such diverse inspiration that we all could lean on and value from (call me selfish). I have been told by many now that I have a gift of bringing people together in a way for them to connect, inspire and grow and this is something I am just starting to notice myself and realize it is one of my callings (and one I am very excited about… more to come).

Being an entrepreneur all by yourself is hard and lonely. You have tons of ideas, want to go in all sorts of directions and constantly want reassurance you are on the “right” path. You just want someone knowledgeable and trustworthy to talk to right? That is why I have come to believe that not only having my own coach but also having a supportive sisterhood who really “gets” you and sees your light at times when you cannot see it yourself is VITAL in continuing to grow not only your business but in life.


In our retreats we have fun, eat good food, do yoga, play on the beach, all of that fun girlie stuff… but we also take time to check in with each other, have meaningful deep conversations and help each other out. We allow time for “hot seat” coaching where we get guidance in the areas we are most stressed about and get honest coaching and feedback – we utilize and appreciate all of our unique gifts. In the end we come away with more energy and inspiration than ever before. We are ready to hit the ground running with our biz, or approach something in our life differently so that we can remove any blocks standing in our way to move forward… and THAT, my dear, is a very very power thing.

Here’s what some of my soul sisters say about the power of sisterhood:

“[when I am in this sisterhood] love surrounds me.” Tamar Henry / Curveball Coaching

“In this sisterhood I have a space to be and feel raw, be seen, and supported in a way that is different from any other social groups. We see each other for who we are and who we want to be so it’s always encouraging and inspiring.” Lizeth Bejarano / Holistic Foodies 

“The most powerful thing about a sisterhood is the loving and safe energy that binds us all together. There are no expectations, no judgments, just pure love and when you can operate in that space amazing things take place. After our weekend together I felt truly connected to my path and excited to work on my goals.” Chassie Bell / Forkin’ Healthy

So the thing is, no matter where you find these women, sisterhood in it’s purist form is powerful beyond measure. Look for it, seek it out, create it. We women gain strength in intimate numbers when we are truly there to help, support and stretch each other. No judgment, no competition. I challenge you to reach out to others, create a welcoming space and experience the magic that unfolds.


NOW YOU – In the comments below, I would love to know if you have created your own sisterhood tribe and what you think? How have you experienced the power of sisterhood personally in your life?

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