Let me start with a not-so-dirty little secret: My freedom-based lifestyle looks NOTHING like you might imagine.

I’m actually NOT running my coaching biz 100% FULL TIME {gasp, I know!}. You see, I actually wear many hats on a day-to-day basis, and love each and every one {a true side hustler}.

My personal freedom recipe includes a few, equally important ingredients: One part coaching practice {that I am uber passionate about empowering other women to feeling free}, one part equine nutrition specialist {I’m a total nutrition nerd at heart and love horses}, one part mom to baby Ezra, one part wifey to my college sweetheart and one final part espresso-drinking-aficionado, 80’s-music-dancing, loyal-would-die-for-my-friends-and-family kind of gal. Drop them all into a Vitamix and you get me in all my glory!

This totally-me, totally-unique mix allows me to experience it all. I’ve rolled all my passions and desires {horses, nutrition, coaching, women’s empowerment, sisterhood, family, working from home, and travel} into this one crazy beautiful life – and I feel totally and completely fulfilled + free every day. How cool is that?

But here’s the thing:  I did not come up with this recipe overnight.

For a long time, I was 100% convinced I had to leave my corporate job in equine nutrition cold turkey in order to successfully rock my coaching business. That was the message blasted at me from my mentors and colleagues. I’m sure you’ve probably heard it, too. But it never felt good to me, because I actually loved aspects of my career with horses and nutrition.

I felt MAJOR pressure to “take the leap” and in all honesty it totally and utterly stressed me out {and I was a stress coach non-the-less}!

Luckily, before I hauled myself right off that cliff and quit the gig for good, I took a step back, did some major soul searching and thought about my core desired feelings {shoutout to my girl Danielle Laporte!} – one of which is FREEDOM – and whether the decision to leave my job would take me closer or further away from the type of freedom I desired. Another is EASE – and how could I go about living my life and running my business in a way the feels more flow and ease.

The wheels started turning and I began to think about a quote from one of my mentors: “It’s not either or, but both PLUS MORE”! And my reframe smacked me in the face – What if I could successfully have my coaching business and my other career I really enjoyed without sacrificing myself – which was beginning to happen and my health and sanity were severely suffering from it at the time. So I challenged myself to find a way…

And after reflecting, coaching and going deep, it became super clear to me that I didn’t need or even want to quit my job at the time. I wanted to have it all. What a freeing and expansive realization that was!

But I still knew something had to change.

With my newfound energy and direction, plus some strategic planning, I walked into a meeting with my boss and was able to negotiate a sweet deal to have a reduced and flexible contract schedule that worked with my goals and desired lifestyle, as well as the needs of the company. Thankfully it was a win-win all around!

Now this freedom strategy might not be YOUR freedom strategy, but I am here to help you figure it out and achieve all of your desires in your life. How much longer do you want to wait to feel free?