YAY!!!! After 9 months of incubation, creation, resistance, and hard work my new website is finally here and boy does it FEEL GOOD! But I have to admit this time around {this is my 3rd website} it feels different. This is the most ME I have ever been in business and I have to say I feel more vulnerable, in a good way. I hope you enjoy it. 😉

Almost all of 2015 my website was down in “under construction” mode and at times I felt like that would make my life harder as a business owner, or people would judge me if they saw my website was non existent. But thing that I learned is that it made me connect even MORE with others than before. I focused on honest real connections with others by chatting with them on social media and providing value and support. The funny thing is that 2015 was by far the best financial year I have had in my biz – without a website!!! Crazy!

So, now 2016 is a new year and a new ME with a shiny new website. It is time to CELEBRATE and I could not have done it without my amazing soul sister designer, Chassie, of Chassie Bell Design, my wonderful photographer Lauren, with Lauren Milner Photography, and my other soul sister, mastermind buddy and total intuitive confidant, Josefa, of Josefa Lan.

The other day we totally had a BIG virtual celebration and popped some bubbly and discussed what it takes to launch a personal brand website >>> Check it out  and feel free to laugh at me trying to open a bottle of champagne at minute 7:30 😉

(PS – I realize this is a long video but there are some golden nuggets of info in-between the celebrations at minute 11:45, feel free to speed through it)

Now that I have birthed that baby, I am ready to see what comes my way and am open to more amazing connections and opportunities. Thank you for supporting me on this journey and I look forward to supporting you on yours.