Are you excited for the holidays? I sure am and finally getting my presents in order for friends and family (I know I am a bit of a procrastinator). I love giving gifts and seeing the recipient’s face light up with joy. But this year I am doing gifting a little different…

I am reflecting on what is important in my life.
People. Friends. Family. Community. My tribe. YOU.

And with this reflection I desire to give gifts with a little more purpose and soul this holiday season. I have scoured around for some items that just FEEL good to give on many levels and I want to share this list with you. This way both you (the gifter) and your friend (the giftee) can feel something special on both ends.

So here you go, my gift to you is my list of gifts to give that are filled with purpose and soul:

  1. Mantrabands – yes, you have heard me talk about these before. I am obsessed. In all honesty you can never have enough as they have over 100 sayings and look amazing stacked on your wrist. You could pick one out for everyone you know and give each a special personal mantra to keep them inspired all year long.
  2. Tiny Devotions – just gorgeous! They are mala bead jewelry and other beautiful gifts. Each mala has been crafted with intention and purpose. Browse through them all to find the perfect one – matching the stone with what you desire.
  3. Dogeared necklaces – now I am a fan of ANY Dogeared necklace as they are all lovely, but I am especially loving the ones inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s #truthbombs. There are 9 inspiring messages to choose from, but my favorite is “You can and you will.”
  4. Speaking of #truthbombs… I am also in love with Danielle’s #truthbomb deck(s). They are so beautiful and crafty; you just want to hold them in your hands all day. There are 134 cards in each box and there are 2 volumes to choose from. I practice pulling one card every day for inspiration and let me tell you, most days they are dead on and just what I need. You will want to get one for your bestie and one for yourself! Volume 1, Volume 2.
  5. Two Tree Botanicals – crafty animals and dinosaurs meet air plants, a swoon worthy design. These little gifts are adorable and make for a perfect present for that trendsetter or someone who has everything (because I bet they don’t have a turquoise T-rex air plant… yet).
  6. Anything by Paige Poppe – she is the latest Scottsdale Arizona based artist I am obsessed with. Just check out her art! If you love color and cati, you will love her. Yay for affordable art that rocks!
  7. The Desire Map Daily Planner – Yep, I cannot get enough of these. First they are SO pretty you almost don’t want to write in it, but you totally will because it is so inspiring to start each day, week, year with deciding how you want to feel and let that lead your life. Prioritize yourself into your life, how you want to feel and let the rest fall into place. My favorite is the limited addition hand painted design.
  8. Gifts with A Cause – if you are seeking something unique with a good cause, this organization sells fair trade handmade gifts from all over the world. Scarves, jewelry, purses, art all for great prices. Plus you know you are also giving back with each purchase.
  9. Any one of these books: Big Magic, The War of Art, Women Who Run with Wolves, The Big Leap, Daring Greatly, Desire Map, The Alchemist, Fire Starter Sessions.
  10. Teaspressa – divine tea inspired by coffee lovers. Shop online (or local if you are in AZ) for these amazing tea and tea inspired gifts. So fun and so delicious.
  11. Donate to a charity – I love this gift idea. It is so warm and fuzzy. Pick a cause that your friend loves and is passionate about and donate in their name. They will love you for it.

BONUS :: Danielle Laporte’s gorgeous CANDLE COLLECTION that feature beautiful artwork and mesmerizing aroma. These candles are 100% all natural soy wax candles with essential oils, no additives or hardeners. Featuring: Love, Clarity, Peace, Energy.

These are 100% all natural soy wax candles with essential oils. This means no additives, no hardeners.

That is it. I feel like Oprah sharing her favorite things (but sorry I cannot gift them all to you)…. BUT on the other hand I DO have THIS…  happy gifting.

xo, Gina


PS – Some of the above are affiliate links. I only promote and support things I absolutely love and believe in so I hope you enjoy them too. Cheers!