I am in the middle of personally hosting one of the biggest online events of year for my business. It is finally all coming together but as I have working away I have had many people say “WOW, a telesummit, that is a lot of work!”

I realized they were not kidding! Between the technical snafus, missed deadlines and trouble coordinating everything, I started to wonder how on earth was I going to get this done? Then in an instant later I started to laugh… there is definitely some irony in putting on a live telesummit about how to reduce stress and NOT STRESS OUT WHILE DOING IT! LOL!

So here I am, practicing what I preach in more ways than one. I am using all of my best-kept secrets on how to stay cool, calm and collected (and sane) this week… And I now have Alanis Morissette’s song running through my head. “Well isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?”

Check out my latest video blog I shot when I realized the irony in hosting a STRESS LESS event and learn what I did about it HERE

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