Building a business is HARD (especially as a side hustle) and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Those who say it’s easy are either delusional or have been in business so long, they’ve forgotten all the heart-wrenching and tough times that got them to where they are today.

You may be thinking, “Gina, if it’s that hard, why would I do it?”

Well, the reason why you’d start a business in the first place is simple: you provide yourself an opportunity to develop your skills, stay in control of your life and manage your income / diversify your finances, and get to explore your passions and creativity – the great thing about having a side hustle is that you don’t have to do it all once.

In fact, you get to ‘experiment’ and figure out where your strengths are, who you love to work with, what you want to create and how it all comes together (without the pressure of wondering if you can pay your mortgage or not).

Also, as a woman I’m guessing (and betting) you’ve had an idea or something nudging you inside for a long time and you’re curious about what that is. Now is that time to start.

Building a side hustle gives you the opportunity to really explore who you are, what your true desires are, and to connect with others who are out there doing the same or similar things – all while fulfilling your purpose and expressing your passions.

Business is a risk and we can’t guarantee how things will turn out. But we can figure out things on each step of the way and take up the stairs to success, rather than jumping of the cliff and going all-in to begin with.

There’s less pressure to succeed quickly, with slow growth you are in it for the long game (as you should be in business anyway) and you get to figure out if it’s for you or not. The truth is not all of us are built for entrepreneurship and starting a side hustle will let you know quite quickly if it’s for you.

I’d love to know what you are thinking about starting or if you’ve already started, what’s the business you are building?

Let me know in the comments below, come and join us in the Women’s Side Hustle Society on Facebook to share and grow with some other amazing side hustling women in the community.


See you there!

xo Gina