I know it has been a while… like over 5 months since you heard from me. And I promise there is a BIG reason for that….

I HAD A BABY {if you haven’t already noticed by following me on Facebook and Instagram}.

I won’t bore you with the birth details {just know it was quick, fast, all natural and 2 weeks early}, but Ezra Jack Fresquez graced us with his presence on August 11, 2014. Motherhood has just completely blown me away. It is both terrifying and amazing in so many ways and has challenged me in ways I never imagined but giving myself that time to be truly present with becoming a mother has really impacted me moving forward. I have realized when to stop multitasking and when to focus on what is important.

2014 was a big year of GROWTH – For both my coaching business, myself and our family. I was able to build my business up in an authentic way to work with my awesome, most ideal clients and then take 4 months off to have my son and spend some amazing bonding and family time. I did some soul searching, mindset changing and slowed down to realize I want more FREEDOM & EASE in my life moving forward. Everything wasn’t as perfect as I had hoped as we had our challenges along the way but now reflecting back, I feel so very blessed with how 2014 turned out. I finally achieved the FREEDOM I so desired.

You may think I have forgotten about you but that is the farthest from the truth. What is on the horizon for 2015? Think – YOU. ME. IN PERSON. CLARITY. DESIRES. SUCCESS. STRESS LESS. LIVE MORE. FREEDOM. How does that sound?

I want to keep this short but sweet, letting you know to keep an eye out very shortly on what is coming up next and ways for us to connect and for you to finally be living the life you desire and achieving success in ALL areas of your life.

In the meantime, here is a little video – me just saying HI and introducing you to someone pretty important. CHECK IT OUT